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Brmill Alimentos


Ever since he moved to Goiás in 1986, the farmer and agronomist Rubens Tonon has worked with the concept that the basis for the long-term success is to plan and act properly, waiting for the right time and respecting the natural course of events. He was a pioneer in direct seeding in the state of Goiás,Brazil as well as in the production of grain and livestock. Knowing the agribusiness strength and feeling the need to add value to the grain produced on his property, Rubens Tonon devised, in recent years, a project that culminated in the creation of BRMILL Alimentos, a company of Agropecuaria São Miguel, aimed at processing corn grains via the semi-humid process, for the production of raw materials for the food industry, feed mills and other segments. The installation site chosen for the new project was the São Miguel Farm, in the district of Silvânia, state of Goiás, which is owned by the aforementioned businessman. The combination of factors technology, a prime location, hand labor and raw materials, enabled the beginning of the implementation of the project which initiated in mid-year 2012, and is now in full operation.

The BRMILL Alimentos, in its strategic plan aims to benefit the development of the region, which until then had its foundations based in the agricultural economy, by adding value to society and the local economy.


The location is privileged because in the region there is great demand for the consumption of products derived from corn, in addition to being a strategic position to meet the needs of regions in full development such as the North and Northeast of Brazil. Established in the district of Silvânia, State of Goiás, Brazil – located 120 km from Goiânia, the company benefits from its privileged logistics position in the center of the country, which makes it possible to easily reach the domestic market while it also grants quick access to the main ports.

Another factor worth highlighting is the supply of raw materials in the region, known for their quality and productivity. The industry demand is easily met by the origination of local producers, as well as those produced by BRMill Group.

Solutions for Industrial Ingredients

BRMIll Alimentos is an agribusiness specialized in the production of corn-based ingredients, focused on providing solutions for the manufacturing industry.

The products produced by BRMILL Alimentos classified as Whole Degermed Corn, Hominy, Flaking Grits, Grits, Corn Flour, Corn meal, are made in order to comply with the following segments: snacks industries, sweet popcorn (expanded popcorn), breweries, colorifics, spices, cake mixes, flour mills, food packaging industries and other industrial fields such as adhesives, paper, textile and mining. The Corn germ is intended to the formulation of animal feed and oil extraction industries.

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To offer products derived from corn, with high quality and technology, seeking to maximize the results of the company and clients, from a continuous evolution of the team and processes.


To be a high-performance industry in the food segment, valued by customers for its differentiated and effective solutions.


Guided by ethics, transparency and integrity of conduct with clients, either with partners or with the community, the company continually strives for excellence.